Mar 26, 2017

1960s Concert Posters - A Journey Pt.1

I've always been fascinated with the creative artwork and stunning visual effect of concert posters from the late 1960s. Psychedelic drugs, revolutionary ideas and new ways of thinking were everywhere - through the emerging pop culture and the up-and-coming music scene of the era.

This had a strong influence on the design aesthetic. The vibrant contrasting tones with vivid stripe effects, bold colors and weird, wild & wonky fonts. It stemmed from op art influences which were a hot & popular trend in the mid 1960s. This artwork not only helped to promote and advertise performers of the day but also reflected their music.

Here's a small but smokin' sampling of music concert posters from that time - mainly from the American West Coast.

"Bill Graham Presents The Fillmore" Concert Poster by Bonnie Maclean, October, 1967.

"Bill Graham Presents The Fillmore" Concert Poster by Bonnie Maclean, July, 1967.
"Big Brother & The Holding Company" Concert Poster by Joe Gomez
Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco, November, 1967.

Dance Concert Poster by Bob Schnepf, Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco, December, 1967.

The "Jimi Hendrix Experience" Poster, Fillmore East, San Francisco, 10th May, 1968.

"Moby Grape and Big Brother & The Holding Company" Concert Poster,
The Ark, Sausalito, CA, 4th November, 1967.

"The Who" Concert Poster by Rick Griffin, Hollywood Palladium, 13th June, 1969.

These last two aren't psychedelic concert posters but magazine covers which paid homage to the fashionable trend of the times.

Playboy Magazine Cover, December, 1967.

Lui Magazine Cover #49, France, January, 1968.

Aug 25, 2014

Vintage Summer Beach Ads

California Beach Life, 1970's.

There's still a few weeks left of summer - at least in the northern hemisphere.

Here's an assorted collection of beachy summer advertising from the 60's, 70's and 80's - mainly .

First up, a little vintage summer sexism from American Airlines.

American Airlines coupon.

Clairol, Summer Soft Blush Duo, 1960's.

Coppertone, 1969.

"Valentine" Olivetti poster by Milton Glaser, 1968.

Tanfastic Suntan Lotion, 1970.

Tanfastic Suntan Lotion, 1970.

Vespa, 1970.

Pimm's, 1970's.

Sun-in, 1971.

Manikin Cigars, 1970's.

Pan Am, "Brazil" poster, 1972.

Coppertone Tanning Butter, Madamoiselle, July, 1973.

Swedish Tanning Secret, 1974.

Jantzen Swimwear, 1975.

Bain De Soleil French Tropical Tanning Oil, 1977.

Pepe Lopez Tequila, 1978.

Stash Cologne, 1981.

Malibu, 1980's.

Le Zink Zinc Cream, 1988.

Mickeys Big Mouth Malt Liquor, 1988.

Aug 12, 2013

Vintage Travel Posters - A Compilation

Here's a selection of vintage travel posters for several destinations and airlines from around the globe (most of them are from the 1960's).


"Monte Carlo" by Roger Broders, 1930.

Australia "Surf Club" by Gert Sellheim, 1936.

Norway, 1925,

Norway, 1955

Portugal, 1954.

Poster for the Atomium Tower in Brussels, World's Fair, 1958.

Austria, 1959.

Helsinki Tourist Office Poster by Martti A. Mykkänen, 1969.



Poster by Stan Galli, 1955.


During the 1950's and 1960's, David Klein designed and illustrated dozens of posters for Howard Hughes' Trans World Airlines (TWA).

They remain as iconic images of the "Jet Set" era.