Dec 19, 2012

Dirty Old Santa

He's usually seen squeeky clean and fit for a family audience but back in the day, Santa Claus loved having a good smoke and grabbing a piece of tail.

Lucky Strikes, 1936.

Lucky Strikes, 1930's
He'll be coughing before he even reaches your chimney.

White Owl Cigars, 1940.
"He'll purr like a kitten..."

Murad Tobacco
Santa's looking a little sinister in this undated ad for Turkish brand Murad Tobacco.

Edgeworth Tobacco, 1935
A "right fine" Mrs Claus is on the mind in this ad for Edgeworth.

Camel, 1948.
"Prince Albert"... before it meant that other thing.

Pall Mall, 1950.
Throat-Scratch. You can get it from smoking cigarette brands that are not Pall Mall... or by engaging in too much oral. "Puff by puff... you're always ahead"

Mojud Stockings, 1951.
Here, little St. Nick is gifted with a view that's worth more than a few presents of Mojud Stockings. Only coming around once a year allows you to be a pervert.

Griffin Microsheen, 1958.
There isn't much of Santa to see here except his polished black boots (courtesy of Griffin Microsheen) and a shining good example of 1950's era sexism. Judging by the amount of detail visible under that girl's sheer, I'm tipping this appeared in a men's magazine like Playboy.

And in case there was any doubt... We have Kris Kringle and his Marlboro's here, smoking up a pipe dream laden with lady curves.
Cheeky bugger!

Happy Holidays!

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