May 17, 2011

On Yer Bike! Pt.III:
Bike Hero

Another blog entry relating to bicycles in a series which strangely hovers on this topic.

Here is a viral video (yet another as seems to be the most cost-effective way to get a message out) titled "Bike Hero", that hit the YouTube network late in 2008.

On first glance, the clip appears to be a well-crafted homemade live recreation video that melds the features of the "Guitar Hero" console game with the real live action of riding a road bike around neighborhood streets at night.

The song in the clip features the song "Prisoner of Society" (as featured in the game) Australian trio punk rockers, The Living End.

At the time it went up, the video was said to be uploaded by a guy named "Kevin" in Fort Wayne, Indiana. But it didn't take long for fans of the clip and gamers to sense something dead in the tracks.

The viral video is actually a promotion by Activision - the gaming company behind the Guitar Hero game. They employed ad agency Droga5 to create some buzz for their then upcoming "Guitar Hero: World Tour" edition.

Drago5 didn't intentionally set out to deceive and I don't think many felt like they'd been taken for a ride. It turns out the lights on the bike are done using CGI effects and there are certain moments in the clip where the video is spliced together - its not a single, long, continuous take.

I think its a pretty fun viral vid to watch and successfully crosses over biking in the real world with the virtual gaming atmosphere of Guitar Hero quite well. Both of these activities have a strong resonance with the game's target audience.

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