May 27, 2011

Sweet and Juicy Fruit Logos

I love fruit.

And I also love creative logo designs.

So it's only natural I do a blog post on the point where these two intertwine.

In general, fruits represent energy, health, freshness, honesty, summer, fun and goodness. Fruits tend to be very expressive. As a result, many designers take advantage of them to project a positive company or brand image.


One of the most recognized apple logos is synonymous with the Apple name. The early "rainbow" apple was the company logo in the late 70's and through the 80's. The monochrome modern looking apple logo has remained the same since 2003.

Apples represent knowledge. This probably stems from biblical stories as well as other associations through history (e.g. Isaac Newton).

The above Woolworths logo is for a highly successful supermarket chain in Australia.


Here are a few lemon & lime themed logos.

ORANGES represent energy.


Another fruity shape which features prominently in logo design is the pear.

BANANAS, being a popular and common fruit, also have strong representation.

And of course, other exotic fruits are also used in logos.

I found the majority of these logos at Stock Logos - a site which collects, designs and sells logo designs for those like me who are somewhat design-challenged. I've added it to my list of advertising links on the right hand side.

WATERMELON - another popular fruit of designer's choice.

YOGHURT also has many fruity themes.

But I saved a few logos of my favorite fruit for last - the MANGO.


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