Apr 24, 2011

Cesar's "doggelgangers"

Several years ago, I came across several images which were quite intriguing. Back in the early 2000's, these images (or ads) that went viral were spread via email.

Cesar Dog Food, "Kozmo"

Although I wasn't aware of it at the time, the ads that I had collected were for Cesar Dog Food. The campaign cunningly pictured beautiful dogs alongside their doppelganger owners.

Cesar Dog Food, "Sugar"

Now whether they were real owners or models selected for their looks was never determined. But the people photographed bore a striking resemblance to their hounds.

Cesar Dog Food, "Fido"

The advertising spoke directly to dog owners and all lovers of mutts everywhere. It literally played up the idea that masters look like the spitting image of their four-legged friends - right down to the attitudes on their faces.

Cesar Dog Food, "Trixie"

For each ad in this print campaign, the portrait of the look-alike individual sits alongside the photo of their faithful pooch. The body copy in each ad reads,
"He/She might look like you. But he/she doesn't have to eat the same food".

Cesar Dog Food, "Rex"

The campaign was developed by ad agency Almap / BBDO, Brazil, and was launched in January, 2000.

Cesar Dog Food, "Fluffy"

The creative team were Roberto Pereira (copywriter), Valdir Bianchi (Art Director), Fernao Cosi (Account Supervisor), Ricardo Oltramari (Advertising Supervisor), Eugenio Mohallem (Creative Director) and Manolo Moran (Photographer).

Cesar Dog Food, "Spot"

Aren't they great?

Cesar Dog Food, "Spike"

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  1. This is great! I always look at people on the beach with their dogs, and more often than not, they DO look alike???