Apr 30, 2011

On Yer Bike! Pt.I:
Nike Livestrong Campaign 2009

I've come across several interactive campaigns over the last few years which revolve around the road bike / dirt bike. In this post, I'll discuss the first one.

Nike Livestrong Interactive Chalkbot, Tour De France 2009

Champion road-racing cyclist Lance Armstrong announced his return to compete in the Tour De France in 2009 after successfully fighting cancer. In doing so, he decided to send a message both to and for all the other people who face a similar struggle each day.

Joining up with sponsors, Nike, and the Weiden + Kennedy advertising agency, Armstrong developed the Nike Livestrong Interactive Chalkbot. This was a machine that was attached to an online laptop. It would receive messages from fans all over the world via its website, Twitter and other social media.

These messages were then sprayed by the Chalkbot on to the road throughout the course of the Tour De France long distance bicycle race. The messages were laid in the iconic Tour De France yellow gold - symbolic of the leading racer or the victor.

Many of the messages were personal, encouraging words of hope and support - all relating to the "Fighting Cancer" theme of the Livestrong campaign and the Lance Armstrong Foundation for cancer research and support.

These were incorporated into the Nike Livestrong campaign with the strong yet simple tagline: "It's About You."

I find it interesting to see the interactive use of the racetrack or road as a canvas. A five-time Tour De France cycling legend such as Armstrong and his team had the power to be able to persuade the race authorities to allow this to go ahead. There also would have been a lot of work and development in creating the Chalkbot machine to be able to carry out the task.

It is now a feature of the race every year.

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