Apr 5, 2011

The Link-u-bater:
Interesting Advertising Links

Here is an initial list and brief description of interesting and useful online advertising links I have collected in my web travels.

Some of these are essential, while others are purely more for interest.

adage.com - Website for the international advertising, marketing & business weekly. Ad Age follows the ad industry closely, from Madison Ave to Madison, Wisconsin. It also has a focus on international marketing.  Includes interesting sections such as "The Buzz" for inside gossip, "People & Players", "The Week", and its juicy "Viewpoint" section.

A good accompaniment with your morning breakfast cereal for the latest news.

adsoftheworld.com - One of my favorite "go to" places for ideas, reference and what's happening out in the ad world right now. Profiles interesting campaigns from the globe from a vast cross-section of media. If you ad Ads to your Facebook feed, you will get their updates daily. 

What I also like at this site is each item has it own user comments where readers can offer thoughts or further information if necessary.

adweek.com - Another advertising news site created by advertiser for advertisers and mirrors the print magazine publication. The site covers stories which follow advertising industry trends from print and broadcast through to online and digital media. Another news resource and links with its sister site...

brandweek.com - A related site in this ad magazine publication family. Brand Week looks more closely at branding specifically (if that wasn't already obvious by its title). This is catered more to branding professionals and covers news that affects brand identity marketing. These two sites are good to check into and can be added to Facebook and Twitter feeds (like most news-feed based sites).

theinspirationroom.com - This is a creative archive set up in blog style and separates the advertising stories and campaign profile pieces into categories. Easily navigate through sections on broadcast, print, design, interactive content from around the world. Being based in Australia gives the site a different perspective to many North American-based advertising sites.

I will offer up more of these useful links in the next few weeks. All of them offer social media feeds to keep you up to date.

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