Apr 3, 2011

Flying Air NZ?
You've been RICHROLL'D!!

Oh Yes... or is that Oh No!!  It's finally happened.

Air New Zealand has just launched their new safety instruction video, "Fit to Fly," for all their domestic and international flights - starring the fanatical fitness freak himself, Richard Simmons.

Gone are the boring demonstration videos of the past - with faux-smiling flight attendants wearing caked on make-up going through the motions. The new style is neon lycra, disco balls. dance floors, crotch close-ups, puns, sight gags and a camp workout all rolled into an entertaining three and a half minutes.

Glitz. Glamor. Schmaltz. Short shorts. This video has it all. And it has gone viral. In just one week, the official clip on Youtube has accumulated over 1.7 million hits. The air safety clip is presently the number one most viewed video on YouTube in Australia and New Zealand, number two in the US and a staggering number four worldwide. 

That's great value and exposure for a relatively cheap video production.

This is a strong piece of branding by Air NZ. Rival Qantas may have John Travolta as a celebrity captain but Simmons keeps Air NZ's global profile "fighting fit." What better way to reinforce your airline brand as being "youthful", energetic and full of fun than to capture your passengers' attention when you have them buckled in to your plane seats. It also has that special Kiwi brand of humor.

Keep an eye out for a special cameo by Phil Keoghan from "The Amazing Race.

As someone who crosses the Pacific Ocean regularly, I recall an earlier instructional video on an Air NZ flight which starred New Zealand's All-Star All Blacks Rugby team. The clip received chuckles of laughter as it was displayed, making it both informative and entertaining.

Assuming the "Brace Position" has never been so much fun with Simmons on board.

The spot was produced by .99, Air New Zealand’s chief creative agency, and directed by Miki Magasiva from Curious in Auckland. A stellar effort!


  1. Is this in response to John Travolta's "pilot" safety video for Quantus?

  2. Qantas are much more formal in their brand presentation. Getting John Travolta as one of their pilots was a big scoop though. There aren't too many international celebrities who are happy to moonlight as an airline pilot - it's a passion of his.

  3. I love that Phil from "The Amazing Race" is in this.

  4. Oh, this made me sooo happy.