Apr 25, 2011

The Link-u-bater Pt. III:
Advertising Blog Links

Adding a few more links to my list on the right. In this blog post, I'll review several advertising blog links.

adnauseous.com - A blog that defines itself with the following:

ad nausea - "when you’re watching a whole night of TV on the same network and you see the same ad roughly 9387493 times, you suffer from ad nausea.”

Unlike other blogs, Ad Nauseous focusses on the uglier TV ads which grace our screens.

adteachings.com - Ad Teachings is an advertising and design blog by Suzanne Pope - a creative director at John St in Toronto, Canada.  Suzanne has been in the business for over 20 years and she now provides this blog to offer advice and instruction for young people interested in advertising.

This is a well crafted blog that covers a wide range of topics (and media) within the advertising realm.

bannerblog.com.au - A lot of online advertising tends to go unnoticed. Banner Blog shines a spotlight on banner advertising. The site is run by two Australian creatives in the industry. There are also contributions from creatives in the U.K. and the U.S.A.

A great feature of this site is the search engine on the left hand side panel which allows you to browse any banner ad they have collated via agency, brand or category.

adverbox.com - Adverbox is more of a submission-based archive. Users sign up for a free membership and can then access the full catalog, contribute as well as make comments. With over 1300 members, the site has a strong following and a wide range of advertising samples in its archives.

theadmad.com - The Ad Mad! is a creative advertising, art and design blog. Running for five plus years, this blog celebrates creativity. This blog covers campaigns from the gamut of traditional and new media and covers agency work from around the globe.

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